News  |  NxVi & IO Industries: Revolutionizing 8K/4K Live Streaming Solution at 2024 NAB Exhibition!
NxVi & IO Industries: Revolutionizing 8K/4K Live Streaming Solution at 2024 NAB Exhibition!

The state-of-the-art 8K/4K video live streaming solution will be shown at 2024 NAB exhibition. This cutting-edge technology represents a significant leap forward in UHD video technology, offering unprecedented levels of clarity and realism. The 8K/4K video solution combines the latest advancements in camera technology, encoding, and decoding to deliver a truly immersive viewing experience. The high-resolution cameras capture every detail with pinpoint accuracy, while the advanced encoding and decoding technologies ensure seamless playback, even in the most demanding environments.




Professional Encoding & Streaming from NxVi-Theia T1

Theia T1 encoder supports 1ch 8K, or 4ch 4K/1080 video feed via professional camcorder with Quad Link 12G-SDI input or consumer camera with HDMl2.1 interface. This flexibility in connecting to different 8K content acquisition devices help to proliferate and reduce entry-barrier of 8K content creation. With 4:2:0/4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit HDR HEVC encoding up to 60 high frame rates in real-time, the Theia T1 encoder preserves picture details and fidelity with variable bitrates to accommodate network bandwidth requirements for content distribution in low-latency and low power consumption (100W in typical).


Compact Decoding & Playback from NxVi-Theia D1

Theia D1 is capable of decoding and playing up to 8Kp60 or 4Kp120 HEVC 10-bit 4:2:0 video content which can be streamed through Gigabit Ethernet or external USB storage device and be displayed through HDMI2.1 output part. The MP4/MKV/MOV formatted contents can also be playback. The incoming audio channels will be mapped into 7.1ch at maximum. The built-in player supports stop/forward/backward/pause/play feature for local content playback.


Advanced 8K/UHDTV2 Video Camera from IOI 8KSDI

The 8KSDI is a compact 8K/UHDTV2 video camera with professional 10-bit SDI output.  It can be used as a point-of-view (POV) camera for sports broadcasting and other live events, or when combined with an SDI video recorder, the 8KSDI can be used for specialty video production and cinematography.  It can comfortably fit in tight locations where larger cameras are impractical.  With an interchangeable lens mount, a variety of lenses can be used depending on how wide or narrow of a view is needed.  Multiple cameras can be precisely synchronized together for immersive virtual reality capture systems.  Low-latency video output via 4x12G-SDI enables plug-and-play connection to a variety of monitors, signal extenders, recorders, and other infrastructure.

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About NxVi

NxVi Microelectronics Technology is an innovative company specializing in UltraHD video & intelligent products, solutions, applications, and services. NxVi is dedicated to providing professional solutions for 4K/8K real-time encoders, 4K/8K+5G encoders, 4K/8K converters, 4K/8K decoders, multi-channel 4K switchers, intelligent video analyzers, cloud intelligent accelerators, and other cutting-edge products, for serving content creation, acquisition, processing, archiving, distribution, transmission, and consumption.

About IOI

IO Industries Inc. (IOI), designs specialty video cameras and recorders used in broadcast sports, cinema and VFX.  IOI’s engineering team is dedicated to continuous innovation.  IOI’s lossless video recording technology is unrivaled in performance.  IOI is the worldwide leader in camera technology designed for the VFX applications of Volumetric Video Capture and 4D Face/Body Scanning.

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