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18 Nov 2020

NxVi Introduces the World’s Smallest 8K Encoder !

Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 18, 2020 --- NxVi Microelectronics Technology, a Foxconn Technology Group invested company with focus on ultraHD video and intelligence solutions, has announced the world’s smallest standalone 8K real-time HEVC encoder, “Theia T1”, in InterBEE. This innovative and tiny 8K encoder for content acquisition, compression and distribution with professional-grade picture quality can be conveniently applied to a broad range of applications including broadcasting, OTT, 5G edge computing, enterprises video conferencing, telemedicine, smart cities, smart factories, eSports, and many other industries. 

According to Markets&Markets, the global 8K-related technology market will have a compound growth rate of 55.5% from 2019 with business potential of 26.8 billion US dollars in 2024. To fulfill such great 8K market demands ahead, Foxconn and NxVi are addressing this upcoming trend by debuting an 8K HEVC real-time encoder in InterBEE 2020. The Theia T1 encoder supports 1-ch 8K, or 4-ch 4K, video feed via professional camcorder with 12G-SDI x4 input or consumer camera with HDMI 2.1 interface. This flexibility in connecting to different 8K content acquisition devices helps to proliferate and reduce entry-barrier of 8K content creation. With 4:2:0/4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit HDR HEVC/H.265 encoding in 30/60 high frame rates, the Theia T1 encoder preserves picture details and fidelity with variable bit rates to accommodate network bandwidth requirements for content distribution in low-latency and operates in low power consumption mode (100W in typical). The inclusion of gigabit Ethernet, USB3 and SD ports on Theia T1 encoder provides streaming and archiving capabilities to inbound video content in a small form-factor size (19 x 19 x 4cm). The equipped front LCD panel on device and support of web-based graphic user interface allows users to set up and configure Theia T1 encoder easily and quickly. In best affordable price, Theia T1 encoder will be able to slash the CAPEX investment over 8K equipment among all industries. More wireless transport support to Theia T1 encoder will be available in 2021, including embedded 5G and WiFi 6 modules, to expedite the deployment of 8K + 5G applications in field.

Gene Liu, Chairman of NxVi Microelectronics Technology, highlights “There are tremendous potentials of 8K technologies and solutions in terms of serving live events and activities such as concert, gaming, large-scale sports like Olympic, as well as remote healthcare, conferencing, factory inspection, surveillance, transportation, etc. The massive visual data of 8K video content presents unprecedented experience to viewers for recognizing details that will not be visible before. However, this also poses great challenges to 8K solutions providers for increasing pixel processing complexity especially in real-time. We are excited the introduction of NxVi’s Theia T1 encoder as it effectively responds to 8K technical challenges in a compact, lightweight, and cost-competitive way and has been tested at several facilities in Foxconn for different usage cases. By combining Foxconn’s existing 8K technologies and products plus manufacturing and customer-connection prowess, and expertise of compression and streaming from NxVi, we can expand 8K ecosystem to more economic and broader ways.” 

“We are thrilled to the debut of Theia T1 encoder in InterBEE,” David Lin, CEO of NxVi, says. “With new acquisition, compression and streaming capabilities inside, Theia T1 serves to any scenarios that call for real-time and high-quality UltraHD video content with great mobility no matter in a single-channel 8K or multi-channel 4K video source. We expect more deployments of Theia T1 encoder in worldwide customers through seamless integration with content contribution and distribution workflow in 8K ecosystem.”

About NxVi Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.:
A Foxconn invested startup in Jinan, Shandong is dedicated to UltraHD video and intelligence technologies, products and solutions in customer premises and infrastructure clouds. With veterans from broadcasting, networking and semiconductor industries and focusing on integrated devices, systems and software, NxVi will facilitate customers in transit to UltraHD era and bring new value-add to their business. source: NxVi Introduces the World’s Smallest 8K Encoder