NxVi is committed to 8K video &
intelligence technologies,
products and solutions.
Providing the best video solution
We focus on video processing and AI technology to realize various applications to meet general and customized needs.We provide the best quality, quick time-to-market, turnkey solutions and services to worldwide customers. 
With continuous technology innovation, we accelerate the transformation of 8K video and intelligence industry

AI innovation
The vision of NxVi is developing innovative products with high performance and low power consumption to enrich people's lives with video, enchance the convenience of life with AI, and to make the interaction between people more intimate.

We expect to create and improve user's happiness by constant technology innovation with environmental protection and natural ecology consideration which contributes to the sustainable development of green earth.

   We own top R&D team.
NxVi owns top design,R&D and production teams, and manages these teams in a flat way to create fast and good communication channels for closer teamwork.Our teams from different regions can work independently or together through a good communication mechanism to improve the flexibility and efficiency.
We provide turnkey
solutions and services

Intelligent video chip

NxVi owns core competitiveness of 8K video encoding, image quality enhancement, super-resolution, audio processing, high-efficiency multi-core processor, image processor, embedded intelligent engine and other related technologies, so as to carry out development and design of next-generation chip. With advanced semiconductor process and packaging , we collaborate with partners to complete the silicon design, manufacturing, testing and production.

Intelligent video system

NxVi focus on 4K / 8K high resolution video processing and provides a wide range of video processing products, such as acceleration card, appliance and system.

Intelligent video services

With UHD video solutions,we're able to serve live events and activities such as concert, gaming, large-scale sports like Olympic, as well as remote healthcare, conferencing, factory inspection, surveillance, transportation, etc. The massive visual data of 8K video content presents unprecedented experience to viewers for recognizing details that will not be visible before.

We focus on
market application combining with UHD video and AI
We apply various UHD video technologies and artificial intelligence processing applications to bring unprecedented visual experience to the audience. 

A broad range of applications including broadcasting, OTT, 5G edge computing, enterprises video conferencing, telemedicine, smart cities, smart factories, eSports, and many other industries.

Artificial intelligence acceleration system for video processing, big data analysis, edge inference and cloud training.

Metaverse is a virtual environment which focuses on social connection.With UHD video solutions,it'll support Metaverse to creates a more interactive experience of being social without physical contact with another person.