News  |  Thena A1 was showcased at Advanced Factories in Spain
Thena A1 was showcased at Advanced Factories in Spain

CFZ Cobots showcased Thena A1 at Advanced Factories on April 9th at booth No. B348. Advanced Factories, an annual industrial trade show since 2017, features the latest innovations in automation, robotics, AI, and other 4.0 technologies. CFZ Cobots released ARIES, the AI-Powered Robotic Insight Enhancement System, highlighting Thena A1's capabilities.


ARIES addresses a key challenge: enabling robots to handle new situations without extensive training. They achieve this by adapting foundational 2D vision AI models and complementing them with 3D vision. This "zero-shot learning" approach allows robots to "see" and understand the world around them, even for tasks they haven't encountered before. Expanded boundaries of automation by enabling robots to adapt to unforeseen situations. CFZ has chosen to use ARM architecture with NPU for AI tasks. This architecture is well-suited for AI applications because it is energy-efficient and scalable. CFZ has selected Theia A1 from NxVi as the most suitable product for this challenge.


Powered by the Hailo-8 AI accelerator, Thene A1 offers unparalleled AI performance with remarkable power efficiency. Its fanless design ensures silent operation. Low power consumption not only enhances energy efficiency but also maintains device temperature, ensuring reliable performance.

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Thena A1, boasting 32TOPS compute power, handles single 8K to multi-stream 4K/1080p videos, supporting up to 30 Full-HD video channels for analytics. Its sleek design ensures easy installation and deployment, while its diverse network and I/O interfaces, including 5G, WiFi, and PoE, cater to various application needs. Ideal for content creators, Theia A1 is suitable for any broadcasting scenario and is ideal for content analysts.

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