News  |  Debuting THEIA A1: Revolutionizing Real-time AI-based Video Analytics at the 2023 IBC Exhibition
Debuting THEIA A1: Revolutionizing Real-time AI-based Video Analytics at the 2023 IBC Exhibition


Discovering the future of intelligent video analytics, a high-performance 8K/4K Real Time Video AI Inference Accelerator Box (Theia A1). THEIA A1 is empowered by Hailo’s powerful Hailo-8 AI accelerator which enables high AI performance at high power efficiency, and features a fanless design and low power consumption, making it well-suited for broadcasting applications, especially in studio and live event settings. The fanless design ensures silent operation, eliminating any noise interference during broadcasts. The low power consumption contributes to energy efficiency and reduces the heat generated by the device for a more stable and reliable performance.

With 32TOPS of compute power, THEIA A1 is designedto meet the demands from single stream 8K ultra high resolution video to multi-stream 4K/1080 videos, Theia A1 offers the ability to simultaneously facilitate up to 30 channels of Full-HD video for analytics, this sleek and compact device is easy to install and deploy at the edge. THEIA A1 offers versatile network and I/O interfaces, including 5G, WiFi, PoE, CAN Bus, GPIOs, and RS232/485/422, catering to various application requirements. Join us at the exhibition to witness how this advanced hardware platform for inference empowers neural network model developers and application/solution providers, driving innovation and technological development in the field of artificial intelligence.

Meet NxVi at IBC2023
Hall8, Stand F94
15-18 September 2023
RAI Amsterdam Convention Center

About NxVi

NxVi Microelectronics Technology is an innovative company specializing in UltraHD video & intelligent products, solutions, applications, and services. We are dedicated to providing professional solutions for 4K/8K real-time encoders, 4K/8K+5G encoders, 4K/8K converters, 4K/8K decoders, multi-channel 4K e-commerce switchers, intelligent video analyzers, cloud intelligent accelerators, and other cutting-edge products, for serving content creation, acquisition, processing, archiving, distribution, transmission, and consumption.

About Hailo
Hailo, an AI-focused chipmaker, is developing specialized AI processors that enable data center-class performance on edge devices. Hailo’s processors are the product of a rethinking of traditional computer architecture, enabling smart devices to perform sophisticated deep learning tasks such as object detection and segmentation in real-time, with minimal power consumption, size, and cost. The processors are designed to fit into a multitude of smart machines and devices, impacting a variety of sectors including automotive, security, industry 4.0, and retail. 

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